Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Adoption Fund Goal Met!

     Thanks to friends who organized and prepared the goodies for an Adoption Fundraiser Bake Sale we were able to finish up our Adoption Fund goal. We were so excited! We were so grateful for all the time, energy, and sharing of baked goods on our behalf. We were especially grateful to Amy who organized it all. What a blessing to have such friends and family!  As we have walked along in this journey it has been amazing to see how God blessed us through friends, complete strangers, and family. Thank you so much to all!
     Month by month we wait for our family to expand. Thankfully my Neil is the most patient man I have ever met. He encourages me when I am feeling impatient or discouraged that's for sure. We have had several adoption opportunities comes and go. It's best to realize the door to our children will open when it's meant to be. All we can do is knock and wait. We are in that waiting spot at the moment. Waiting to see if we will be chosen for an adoption situation. It's really kind of breathtaking to realize how our life could change so swiftly when the time comes we can adopt. In a biological birth you know for 9 months this little life will be joining your family. In adoption you wait and wait some more, depending on your situation of where/when/type of adoption you choose it can take years. Then a day in time arrives and this child/children arrives in your home. A new chapter in life begins.
    Through what I consider to be a trial in my life I am very blessed with friends and family who encourage me. I know God's timing is perfect and He must have children who are meant to be our children to share our love, life, and home with. I look forward to meeting them! We love them already...