"The spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life" Job 33:4, KJV

 We believe that life is a precious gift from God, and that life begins at conception. We desire to encourage others to stop and think about the reality of one little life ended by abortion. We should be ready and willing to assist a woman who chooses life for her baby.

Heritage House: Has many resources for the pro-life individual or church who wants to share the message of life with others.

Show Me 4 LifeIf you are a Missouri resident please visit the 33:4 Drive at the Show Me 4 Life website. What is the 33:4 Drive? Catherine Thomas, a homeschool senior, is organizing a project called the 33:4 Drive. She is asking for help in collecting 600,000 diaper/safety pins.  The collection will be a portable resource for Missouri Right to Life to display as a memorial and visual representation of Missouri’s 600,000 victims of abortion.  Briefly stated, the purpose of the 33:4 Drive is to share Christ, remember abortion victims, defend life, promote charity, and encourage political activism this election year and in the years to follow. For those of you in another state this may be a worthy endeavor to replicate.

Care Net:  Sharing the message of life online and in connection with pregnancy centers nationwide

Rachel House:  Providing options and counseling for those who choose not to have an abortion

The Light House: Working to to ensure every human heart is cherished

The Women's Clinic of Kansas City: A pregnancy resource center

The #1 Must read book on the the Pro-life Issue

Nine Pro-Life Books to Read: Recommended reading list. The book about Gianna is incredible. This woman is an abortion surviver.


Do be warned that "180" does have graphic material if watching this documentary. However, we highly advise watching and sharing this. What makes a person stop and think about the reality of abortion? Visit the 180 website for more information or to purchase a DVD.

For more information or to order "180" For more information or to order "180" on DVD, please go to: DVD, please go to: