Our Journey

Our Wedding Day

    It was a very happy day in October 2008. We flew off for a lovely honeymoon, bought our house, and settled into our new life together. Not a storm cloud on the horizon. Life was beautiful. Then came the time we decided we were ready to add children to our home. Our journey into parenthood was going to be simple. Or so we thought. You see, we had it all planned out. Before we were married we spent a great deal of time talking about our future plans and hopes. There was not doubt in our mind that children would take a front and center spot in that future home of ours. In fact, we were quite specific in our plans. We would have our biological children first, then adopt the rest of our family. Reality would not be following our laid out plans.

On our Honeymoon

     After a year of trying to have a biological child it came to us that we just might have an issue here. We read, talked, and read some more. A visit to a doctor was in order. Without running test some advice was given. Advice that didn't work. Soon we made an appointment with a specialist. This one advised treatments that would be time intensive, invasive, and stressful. All in our effort to have a biological child. At that exact point in time Jennifer didn't feel she could go forward with such a plan. Her mother had moved in with us during the midst of a terminal illness, was on Hospice, and Jennifer was her primary caregiver. Jennifer was unable to leave her mother for 5 minutes in the house by herself at that point, let alone for multiple appointments. That type of infertility intervention would have to wait. Another doctor, a third visit was made, to find some simpler medical help. Several medications were tried to no avail. By now we both were weary of the money, time, and stress involved with continued efforts to have a biological child.

On our first year anniversary trip

    As the months went by Jennifer had begun working from home to care for her mother. When her mother Deborah died Jennifer chose to continue working from home for the time being. We both came to a point in time when we were ready again to focus on children. The children God might bring to our home. For some reason God has not opened the door to biological children either through prayer or medical intervention thus far.  So we began the journey we had always intended on taking, the journey into adoption.

     For us we knew we could and would love our adopted children just as we would a biological child. Jennifer had immediate family that was adopted and we had friends who had adopted all or some of their children.

After church picnic in the park

    We are at this time praying that God will open the doors to the children who are to be in our home. We look forward to the day when we will be parents, and prepare ourselves for that time. We don't know when or how that door will open, but we hope that the time will come soon.