Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Mother Dear-Part 2

You can read My Mother Dear-Part 1 here.
                                  My Mother, Deborah, holding a newborn granddaughter.
(Later in life she wanted to be called her legal name Deborah instead of Debbie.)

     After high school graduation Debbie entered into some wrong paths. Debbie began to feel disgusted with who she was and what she was doing. She would pause to reflect upon her life, not happy with the direction she was going. Debbie didn't know what was causing her uneasy heart. Debbie soon realized what it was, it was Jesus knocking at the door of her heart asking entrance in. She had a longing to leave the "old ways" of her life behind her. Debbie left them behind and never looked back. At that point Debbie was 21. In a matter of months she was married to a man who had very recently become a Christian himself. A new life was beginning to unfold.

     Debbie desired greatly to walk with Christ. She would open up God's Word and treasure the truth she was reading. She read that God wanted her to train up her children in His ways. This was a responsibility she took very seriously. As long as Debbie could remember she had wanted to be a Mommy. As a little girl her greatest joy was being "mommy" to be her younger sisters and to her dolly. She loved children!  By this time she was expecting her first child Jennifer. (That's me!) Debbie was trying to learn as fast as she could so that she could begin to teach her baby girl. In the next six years there would be a little boy born, Jason, followed by a little girl, Caroline. 

     In the years that followed our Mom threw her heart into being the best mother she could be, with the Lord as her guide. When she got sick with Lupus at the age of 39 she realized she had a lot of  head knowledge in her walk with Christ, but lacked in trusting completely in Him. Mom had a lot of vision for the pathway that she wanted her children raised. She taught us we must learn to depend on Jesus. There is not a single person on this earth that can meet our needs in our trials. There is not a single person on this earth who would even be able to recognize all that we are dealing with inside when we are in a trial. But God knows us, and He knows everything about that. We were taught many things by our mother. We were taught by her words, and we were taught by example. This was our eternal heritage from our mother. 

     These are examples of what I believe my heritage from my mother was. My "Mother Dear" as I called her was very faithful to give us a heritage of faith. She gave us the example of a woman who desired a true walk with Christ. Our heritage is having a mother who had a faith in God our Creator. Our heritage is having a mother who was a sinner, but would weep and repent of her sins. Our heritage is having a mother who chose to follow her God until the last breath she had on this earth. Our heritage is seeing our mother trip and fall and stumble as she served her Lord, but by the grace of God she got back up and continued in the race. Our heritage is of a mother who saw everything that God created for our eyes to see, our ears to hear, as a direct gift from God and a choice blessing for life. Mom spoke many times how God had taught her of His ways through His awesome beautiful creation. Finally, we have a heritage of a mother who did suffer in the flesh with many afflictions, but she continually cried out to her God. She cried for deliverance and comfort with a desire to learn the lessons God was teaching her in the midst of the trials. She was assured that her God would never ever leave her. She was assured He had a perfect love for her. She was assured that He filled her cup with an overflowing sweet treasure of God’s amazing grace. 

When my Mother's life ended at a young age this was the song on her heart to her God:

If I could sing a thousand melodies,
I would sing and never cease, how great my God
I'd sing of love, His wisdom, might and power,
Each day and passing hour I'd sing of Him

If I could sing of God's great love for me
Like one great symphony my song would be
I'd sing of Christ and all He's done for me
Throughout eternity I'd sing of Him

I'd climb some mountain high
I'd sing into the sky
Till heaven and earth would hear my song
If I could sing a thousand melodies
I'd sing and never cease, how great my God

     My mother was beautiful to me. My mother was precious to me. I owe the fact that I can't remember a time that I didn't know the name of Jesus and want to live for Him to my Mother. I'm grateful beyond words for the life she lived. The decision of one 15 year old girl, to choose life for her baby instead of an abortion, gave me my mother. That was the bravest and most unselfish decision I believe my Grandma ever made.

She chose Deborah, a beautiful gift from God. She chose Life.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing your Mother's story; and your story. This has touched me deeply.

  2. Your mother's story is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it here. It was encouraging and inspiring.

  3. Neil & JenniferMay 8, 2012 at 7:47 PM

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  4. Neil and JenniferMay 8, 2012 at 7:48 PM

    I'm glad this story about my Mom has been a blessing! It is quite amazing to be able to step back and see God's Hand in our lives.

  5. What a beautiful herritage you have in this story!